First, thank you to everyone who nominated a non-profit in conjunction with our upcoming Cookies for a Cause campaign! With so many wonderful organizations to choose from, our leadership teams had a very tough time deciding on a winner. That said, after much thoughtful consideration, we are happy to announce that The Smilin’ Rylen Foundation is the winner! This organization will receive 20% of all Chick-fil-A Katy Mills and Chick-fil-A Morton Ranch cookie sales during the month of April! We selected this organization in honor of Rylen, as April is not only his birth month, but it is organ donation awareness month as well. Though his life was taken at such a young age, the donation of his organs gave five other people the gift of life! Please join us in celebrating Rylen’s life and supporting such a great cause throughout the month of April. The Smilin’ Rylen Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation and to assist families in crisis.

via: Chick-fil-A Katy Mills

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